Ready to place an order? It's easy! Just follow these simple steps!

1. Decide which products you want to purchase and how many of each. The minimum wholesale order is $150.

2. For each product, decide the patterns and colors you would like. You can simply ask for a mix of each or be very specific about what you want. Unless you specify, the tote bags will be made of two different colors of the same pattern or using the Zebra or Dots patterns as accent along with the pattern you specify. Aprons are made of one pattern only.

Here are some examples to illustrate the information we need from you to make your order: ****THE EASIEST WAY**** 12 Many Pockets totes, large: mix of patterns and colors. Be sure to include some Strawberries in different colors.

OR YOU CAN ASK US ONLY TO USE CERTAIN PATTERNS OR COLORS: 12 aprons, medium: mix of these patterns in any colors: Mixed Fruit, Mums, Aztec, Bouquet, Little Apples, Zebra.

OR YOU CAN ASK US NOT TO USE CERTAIN PATTERNS OR COLORS: 8 New York totes, medium: mix of patterns and colors except NO Cut Paper, Leopard or Strawberries and NO purple.

OR YOU CAN GIVE US A SPECIFIC PATTERN AND COLOR FOR EACH ITEM 4 Many Pocket totes, large, as follows: 1 red Cherries with Dots; 1 lime green Fantasia; 1 black Sweet Flower with black and white Zebra; and 1 pink and red Aztec.

3. Give us your name, address, phone number and email address.

4. Here are several ways you can get your order to us: You can send an email with the list of products you want to order to ludy at or call Ludy (575)494-3363.

or you can mail your order to Palomas Oilcloth Designs at 406 S. Granite St. Deming, NM 88030.

5 Your order will arrive within two weeks. Along with the items, you will receive a tag for each item with the our logo (our picture too!) and a little bit about our group. There is a place on the tag for you to put your price.

There will also be an invoice in the package. The total price will include the shipping charge. We appreciate payment as soon as possible! We are a small group and need money from our sales to keep our little business going.

Please let us know if your order is not exactly as you expected. We want you to be happy.