Aztec (Please take out the pink in the title of this one)          Shown in hot pink.  Also available in red, blue, lime green and black. Bouquet            Shown in red.  Also available in orange, yellow, blue and green.Dots            Shown in black with white dots.  Also available in black with gold dots and red with white dots.  Fantasia             Shown in lime green.  Also available in red, dark green, and blue.Cherries Shown in red.  Also available in blue, aqua and black.

Little Apples             Shown in red.  Also available in light green and blue.Mums             Shown in blue.  Also available in orange and green.

 Zebra Shown in red.  Also available in black, brown and silver. Sunflowers

 Sweet Flower Shown in Aqua.  Also available in pink, orange, yellow, green and blue and black.Mixed Fruit Shown in yellow.  Also available in red, orange, green and blue.Cut Paper              Shown in black and white.  Also available in black and purple-purple and white- white and black




The women behind Palomas oilcloth designs